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Gro-aut hair growth products patented formula contains a proprietary blend of the best natural herbs and essential oils for hair health and growth combined to provide the basis for strong healthy growing hair. Use of our shampoo, conditioner, and hair oils work in combination to nourish the hair follicles, strengthen and repair weak damaged hair, and moisturizes and protects to reduce breakage allowing hair to grow longer. Get thicker hair and grow hair healthier and faster with Gro-aut hair growth products.

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Some Tips on Natural Hair Care

Posted by on 5/29/2013
Human hair has represented many things throughout history, including religious affiliation and financial stature. Appropriate care of this significant individual symbol encompasses several topics.

Following a diet complete with B vitamins is extremely important for natural healthy hair. If you eat a well-balanced diet including all food groups, not only are you getting sufficient B vitamins, but the remaining required vitamins, also. In general terms, this would equate to proper consumption of carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, some fats, and proteins. Your body will not lie to you. If you notice nail appearance changes, irritated skin, or sudden hair loss, a lack of proper B vitamins or other nutrients may be to blame.

Several different other reasons exist which can cause hair damage. Frequent contact with heat sources such as flat irons, or hair dryers, will lead to split ends and unhealthy hair. Existing medical ailments, or consistent stress, will have negative effects on your hair.

Proper care and cleansing of your hair is a vital ritual which cannot be taken lightly.
Gentle, frequent, brushing will feed your hair, by transferring oil throughout. The rate of hair washings is debatable, but a few key factors do lend hints to this issue. Thick, long, hair may go for a longer period of time between washes. Comparatively, individuals with shorter hair accumulate more oil, and therefore should shampoo more often. When shampooing, the type of cleanser is important. If desiring to use an off-the-shelf product, ensure the shampoo is acidic, sulfate free, and does not contain soap. By using this type, your hair will retain more of its natural oils. A very simple and natural approach, is to wash with baking soda and rinse with white vinegar. This method greatly reduces chemical exposure, and will help lead to a healthy, natural, head of hair.

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