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      $3 off any one kit $30 or more - Valid January 2015 - Use coupon code SAVEKIT
$2 off any one hair oil with orders $15+ - Valid February 2015 - Use coupon code 2OFFOIL
$5 off orders $25 or more - Valid March 2015 - Use coupon code 5FORMARCH
$2 off orders $10 or more - Valid April 2015- Use coupon code 2SPRING
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2. Gro-aut Hair Growth Butter Sample Gro-aut Hair Growth Butter Sample
more details
3. Gro-aut Herbal Shampoo Gro-aut Herbal Shampoo
more details

Local retailer in UK, Kenya, France, Trinidad, WA and CT.


The best products out there for your hair and it really works.


I love the shine of the coconut oil on my hair and the Gro-Aut Growth Oil is the bomb. I see new growth in an area that was stagnant. Thanks.


Hi, my name is Ilise, I heard about Gro-Aut a couple years ago from YouTube and a couple hair forums. Everyone who had tried it had AMAZING! Results. Which made me order. I ordered a bottle for me and a bottle for my mom. Weve both had GREAT results. My growth actually doubled! Yes, doubled I usually grow .25 a month and I actually grew a half of an inch, to 3/4 of an inch in 1 month. It can also be used to treat a dry scalp and to perform hot oil treatments. My hair has been the healthiest in my life using Gro-Aut. You can even email me for questions, before and afters! At this rate I shall reach my desired goal by graduation June 2014!! I just would love to say Thank you grow out you've helped me do much. I was stuck at neck length for 3 years this has helped me make it to full shoulder length. My mom actually had a bald spot due to micro braids which are completely filled in. Again thank you Gro-Aut


I personally used the gro- aut oil for the past month now and I can see an improvement in my hair. Its became more thicker and longer!! I'm a very happy customer & going to try other gro-aut products!!!


I love the gro aut oil ! I definitely seen growth while using it and I like the 8oz bottle because it last a long time . You don't need to use a lot because if you do it will run .


I love the product especially the oils!


Gro aut has the best products. I've been using there products on my hair as well as my kids hair. We've all gained at least 6 inches in the first six months. I'll definitely continue using. -Kendra


I have been using gro-aut oil on the sides of my hair and it has really helped to grow them out quickly! I guarantee you will see results in a week or two if you are consistent and don't mix the oil.


I love Groaut products as they really do promote hair growth and healthy hair!


Love their products and the gro aut oil really works.


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