Nothing is more attractive than a good head of hair. There’s hundreds of tricks promising beautiful locks. It doesn't have to be complicated, having gorgeous, healthy hair is easy with three basic tips.

A common mistake women make is to shampoo their hair on a daily basis. It may be a habit, but shampooing so often can strip the hair of natural oil and cause dryness. Except in cases of extreme oiliness, it’s fine to skip a day between washes. Those who find it necessary to shampoo every day should use a moisturizing shampoo that’s gentle on hair.

Constantly getting blow outs or using a flat-iron on hair can cause damage and breakage, resulting in an undesirable fried look. Allow hair to air dry as often as possible, and when using heated styling tools use a heat protecting spray to provide a layer of protection between hair and the styling tool. Quality tools cause less damage; one should look for flat irons with adjustable temperatures and professional hair dryers with stronger air flow.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is key to healthy hair. Foods rich in protein, zinc, and vitamins D and C help keep hair shiny and beautiful. Some of the best foods for the hair include eggs, salmon, blueberries, chicken, and spinach. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding smoking keeps hair shiny and healthy. A beautiful inside leads to a beautiful outside, in order to keep hair looking fabulous it's just as important to monitor what goes in the body as what products are used on the head.

Keeping a healthy diet, avoiding heated styling tools, and shampooing only when necessary are three steps to more shining, healthy locks of hair. Following these tips will ensure the health of hair for years to come.

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