Now available to everyone! My very own patented formula, hair care "secret" product & hair care regime. Why?? 

Because everyone keeps asking....."What are you using on your hair?" 

Gro-aut Solutions, LLC, is a family owned and operated business in Virginia inspired by our son, who has autism which is why part of our company and brand name includes "aut" short for autism, hence why Gro-aut is spelled the way it is rather than the way it is pronounced "Grow out". Having a child of our own with autism has allowed us to understand first hand the many challenges parents face on a day to day basis having a child with special needs therefore; we have made it our mission to donate a portion of our sales to charities and organizations that support autism research and to organizations that support families of children with special needs. 

Gro-aut Solutions Hair Care Products are specially formulated to address the specific needs to promote healthy hair growth. Our products were born out of my frustration of the inability to gain and maintain long beautiful hair. My research for hair growth began years ago because my hair just never seem to grow past shoulder length. My goal is to bring to you interesting hair care information and products that will help you achieve your hair care goals - see reviews and be sure to follow my blog.

GRO-AUT® is a registered trademark in the US and EU, which includes United Kingdom, France, Germany and over 20 other countries. It is protected by civil and criminal law of which infringement of our rights will result in legal action. Buy with confidence of receiving brand new authentic Gro-aut Products when shipped directly from the sole manufacturer, Gro-aut Solutions.

Gro-aut Solutions Products For Fast Healthy Hair Growth Since 2007

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We strive to offer consumers worldwide the best nonsurgical approach for fast natural and healthy hair growth. There is no need to look any further, our oil for hair growth all contains a proprietary blend of the best natural herbs and essential oils scientifically proven to promote hair health and growth. Use of our unique formula perfectly incorporated with the best vitamins, nutrients, and natural essential oils will work to nourish the hair and scalp to easily promote your maximum hair growth potential faster than you ever thought possible. Try Gro-aut hair growth oil today to help grow your hair faster and thicker.


According to testimonial reviews, consumers have reported hair growth results in areas of slow or no growth in as little as 5 days with just use alone of our #1 seller, Gro-aut Hair Growth Oil. With results like that, you can be confident that our product will work for you.

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