Essential oils is a great all-natural alternative for treating hair loss or to promote hair growth. Whether you are looking to add hair strength and shine, to treat dandruff or a dry scalp, or to thicken your hair and encourage growth, essential oils are much safer and just as effective if not better than the average product that you MAY find on your everyday store shelf.

Essential oils are very concentrated and should always be diluted prior to use with a carrier oil. Some nutrient rich carrier oils that also have a positive influence on hair growth include coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil.

Lavender Essential Oil possess hair growth promoting effects. In a 2016 study, applying lavender oil topically proved to increase the number of hair follicles significantly. In addition, the depth of the hair follicles showed that lavender oil was able to successfully thicken hair.

Rosemeray Essential Oil is one of the best essential oils for hair thickness and growth. It increases cellular metabolism which stimulates hair growth. According to research studies, rosemary oil appears to work as well as minoxidil, a conventional hair loss treatment. Some benefits of rosemary oil include preventing baldness, slowing the graying process and treating dandruff.

When essential oils are combined with carrier oils that encourage hair growth, such as in Gro-aut Hair Growth Oil, it makes for a highly effective hair growth solution.

Gro-aut Hair Oil consist of coconut oil, olive oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil and other ingredients including ayruvedic herbs, amla and bhringro, especially known for promoting hair health and growth. With the best proprietary blend of essential oils, promoting healthy growing hair and reducing hair loss will be easily attainable with little effort. Following a regular hair regime with routine hair care using quality hair care products and essential oils is the key to success on any hair care journey.

Keep in mind, all oils are not created equal. A great resource introduced to me by Consumer, a small organization that creates editorial reports to make consumer decisions easier, has performed independent lab test on 33 oil samples from well know brands to discover the purity of what is really inside each bottle. Check out the report at