Frequently Asked Questions


  1. I am experiencing increased itching to my scalp after use of Gro-aut Products, is this normal? Tingling and itching is a good sign that your hair is growing from the root and some shedding is as well.

  2. I'm experiencing increased shedding with Gro-aut products, is shedding normal? Unless you are allergic to one or more of the listed ingredients, the shedding is just the old hair making room for the new growth. There are three phases in the growth cycle, the anagen (growing phase), catogen (intermediate phase), and the telogen (shedding phase). The anagen phase last the longest (1000 days or more) while the telogen phase only last 100 days. Because our products encourage new hair growth, you may notice an increase in shedding initially as an old telogen hair is pushed out to make room for the new anagen hair, but because the anagen phase is at least 900 days onger than the telogen phase, eventually, you will end up with longer thicker hair. Shedding can also mean that you are not washing your hair enough. A clean scalp is very important in promoting hair growth. If your hair follicles are blocked from a build up of dirt or product then the hair can not push through resulting in breakage/shedding. Keeping a clean scalp by washing your hair a minimum of once a week can reduce shedding caused by blocked hair follicles.

  3. How fast can I expect to see hair growth results? For the most part, most customers report seeing results in as little as 1 week. With use of our gro-aut oil, most customers see results within days.

  4. Do I have to use all of your products to receive hair growth? No, however it is highly recommended to follow our hair regime for the best results. It is very important to apply the oil to a clean scalp. Washing the hair a minimum of once a week with use is advised for the best results. If applying the oils more often to the scalp then every other day, washing the hair a minimum of twice a week is advised to prevent hair shedding caused by blocked hair follicles from the build up of dirt attracted by oil on the scalp.

  5. On what types of hair can your products be used? Our products can be used on all hair types/texures whether natural or processed and is safe for use on children ages 1 and up. Applying a small amount to the skin prior to use to test for sensitivity is suggested.

  6. Which product produces the fastest hair growth results? All Gro-aut products work well in encouraging growth however according to users, gro-aut oil and gro-aut shampoo.

  7. How soon can I expect to receive my order after placement? We ship fast. Orders for in-stock items ship same day if received by 9am EST Monday - Friday. We continue to process orders until our carrier arrives so many times, even if your order is placed after 9am, it may still ship same business day. All orders not shipped same day will ship next business day. Domestic orders generally arrive to their destination within 1 to 4 business days after shipment. International orders generrally arrive within 7 to 14 business days after shipment.

  8. My card was declined but I was still charged. Why? When a card is declined, the credit card issuer places a temporary hold on the funds to cover the order attempt however because the card failed, the temporary hold placed by the cardholding bank, not us, will automatically reverse when the bank releases the hold. Learn more about how card processing works.

  9. I see brown stuff and/or white stuff in my bottle. What is this? Is this mold? No, it is not mold. The "brown stuff" that may appear at the bottom of the bottle is the natural herbs used in the product that may settle over time as the bottle sits. Simply shake the bottle gently to re-disperse the herbs. This is completely normal with products consisting of natural herbs. The "white stuff" in the bottle is the oil beginning to solidify if it is below 72 degrees wherever the oil is being stored. Simply warm the oil and you will not see the "white stuff" once it has melted. The same applies to the oil if it is a solid upon arrival to its destination. It will become a solid in cool or cold temperatures. Simply warm the bottle of oil to return it to a liquid state.

  10. Is Gro-aut 100% guaranteed to work for me? No it is not. Nothing is 100% guarantee and anything that claims to be a 100% guarantee is probably a scam. We stand behind our product creations with extremely high customer satisfaction. One should always keep in mind that there is no one product that may work for everyone. Individual results may vary according to ones own unique body chemistry. Most customers see noticeable results within days. Consistency with following a good hair regime is key to obtain the best results.

  11. How long will my hair grow in 1 month? or Will my hair grow to my back by summer? There is absolutely no way to know an accurate answer to these questions. Individual results may vary. While Paul may receive 1 inch in a week, Sue may only receive 1 inch in 3 weeks or vice versa. Much of it will depend on your own unique body chemistry as well as your diet (how you eat), healthy or unhealthy. Eating a healthy diet with less simple sugars like cookies, candy, soda, etc. will reflect on your hair causing less shedding and more hair health so try picking up an apple rather than that yummy brownie or cookie.

  12. My hair does not seem to be growing even with Gro-aut Products. Why? Again, individual results vary and you may just be that needle in the hay stack. Just because our products have worked for most does not guarantee that it will work for you but you will not know until you try it for yourself. We do offer small sizes so that products can be tested first to see how they work before investing in a larger size. Also keep in mind that your hair is always growing so when it appears that you are receiving no growth, this is not likely. If your hair is breaking off just as fast as it is growing, then it appears that your hair is not growing when it really is. Odds are, the hair is not being taken care of properly to retain length being received. This too falls under the category of "you are what you eat". Eating healthy helps to encourage healthy hair just as eating unhealthy helps to encourage unhealthy hair. Hair products can only do so much so taking care of your hair from within by eating healthy or at least healthier and by cutting back on heat applications that tend to cause brittleness and breakage (flat irons, hair dryers, over processing) is very important for growing strong healthy hair. These things do not have to be cut out completely but cutting back even just a little does make a difference and it will show through your hair. Making sure that the hair and hair ends are not dry and are always moisturized will also help to reduce breakage and retain length. Eating healthy or supplementing with a vitamin if you just can't eat healthy will help rid brittle hair that breaks of easily.

  13. Can I order by phone? Yes, phone support hours are Monday - Thursday, 11am to 3pm EST.

  14. Can you please send me a sample of your products? Yes, we do offer sample sizes for some of our products. We also offer trial sizes for most of our products. Simply add the desired sample or trial size item to your cart and complete checkout.

  15. How soon can I expect a response when contacting by email? Anywhere from minutes to 3 business days. On average within 24 hours (Monday - Friday).

  16. There is no product that can make your hair grow, how can you make such *#!*# claims and get away with it ..... blah blah blah? We receive this ridiculous email from time to time from those who are skeptic and have NEVER tried Gro-aut products. I will say that the results from using Gro-aut products are unbelievable which is why I can only suggest that one at least try the products in order to make a true evaluation of the product. Any claims of growth made regarding Gro-aut products are actual customer reviews being quoted. The majority of customers receive substantial growth from use of our products in very short spaces of time. The average growth report from our customers is an increase of their normal growth by 50% or more. On average, most users report growth of 1 to 2 inches a month which averages out to over 12 inches a year. Gro-aut Solutions does not make claims of growth but we do quote (" ") claims of growth or reviews from actual users all of which has been received as testimonials or reviews in verbal or written form. Most importantly .....our GOD knows.

  17. Do you ship worldwide? Yes, we offer shipping worldwide. See International Ordering.

Other questions? Feel free to contact us. Know one knows Gro-aut better than us.


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