This is an update to my hair growth progress following my hair care regime. As a recap, I am tracking my hair growth progress over 6 weeks. I am receiving such great results that I am considering continuing to video so that everyone can see my progress over the next several months. If I can remain consistent, I am curious to see how much my hair will have grown in the next 6 months.

I started on November 12, 2016. It has now been roughly 3 weeks so we're halfway there. So far, my hair has grown approximately 2 ½ inches in the past 3 weeks. That's a lot of growth so far. The average hair growth rate is just ½ inch a month and I have received 4x that amount in just 3 weeks.

The video below was recorded on December 3, 2016.

My hair growth Progress Video 4 - December 3, 2016