I’m Lavonda, owner of Gro-aut Solutions LLC. I’ve decided to track my hair growth progress by video. Why? Because I think or at least I hope that it will help me be more consistent with following my hair care regime. I have a very busy lifestyle being the owner of a small business and juggling my personal life around it so in the mist of it all, my hair takes the short end of the stick and I often put my hair care on the back burner.

I recommend to my customers to follow my hair care regime as best as they can to achieve great hair health and hair growth results because I know that it works (at least for me and most) but yet, I find it hard to stick to the regime myself not only because I am consumed most of the day running my company but because outside of work, I am a proud mother of six children, one of which has autism, an infant, a toddler, a five year old, and two adult children and at the end of the day, my children always do come first.

My plan is to somehow squeeze in some time for me so to stick with my regime so that I can reach my long hair goal. Everyone has his or her own likes, dislikes, preferences and so forth. I just happen to like, not like, but love long hair but yet every time I seem to be making progress, I start slipping not taking care of my hair like I should and then my hair growth progress slows down almost to a complete stop. It sometimes is frustrating because I know what it takes to grow long hair and all I have to do is just take action and stick to it so the purpose of me V-logging my hair growth progress is to help me stay on track so that even if it is just one viewer that I have looking forward to seeing my next video, I will be posting it just for that one person that just happens to be interested.

I do not know since this is the beginning how long I will video my progress or how often. My plan to start is to post an update once a week for the next six weeks. After six weeks, I may continue to post but not as often.

If you are curious to see how much my hair will grow in the next six weeks, then please bookmark or subscribe. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me using my contact form at www.gro-aut.com. Because I already lead a very busy lifestyle, contacting me in one centralized location will ensure that you will get a response and help minimize my time to answer all emails in one location versus having to log in to several locations throughout the day to check for messages.

Take care, God Bless and Happy growing,


Note: I am not too familiar with editing and uploading videos so it took me a while to figure it out with my little spare time but I finally got the first video ready. I have already recorded more since I recorded this first video as I have been recording weekly. My hair grew a lot in a week so check back soon for the next video update showing my progress.

I have tagged the products I used in this video.

My Hair Growth Progress - Video 1 - November 12, 2016