Hair is the fastest growing tissue on the human body and requires proper treatment in order to remain healthy. The average scalp has over 100,000 individual hairs and hair loss is a problem in over half the men over the age of 50, and is even common in many older women. Although some form of hair loss is normal in almost everyone (throughout the course of any given day a person can lose up to 100 strands of hair) there are measures that can be taken to ensure that a person's hair remains healthy and also improve the look and appearance of their hair.

Many things can affect the look and health of a person's hair. Poor diet, harsh hair treatments such as perms, chemical treatment and dyes, nutrient deficiencies, as well as too much exposure to sunlight can damage not only the hair, but the hair follicles as well. Making changes to a person's diet, using proper hair care products, avoiding harsh hair treatments and taking nutrient supplements can greatly improve the strength, look and feel of a person's hair.

Recommended foods for people who are trying to strengthen their hair include salmon, due to its high protein and vitamin D, walnuts, because of their high content of biotin and iron, as well as sweet potatoes, a root vegetable rich in vitamin A. Taking these nutrients in supplement form can also be option for people trying to strengthen and protect their hair.

Do's for those trying to achieve healthier hair include eating a healthy diet, avoiding unnecessary hair treatments that damage the hair, and decrease sunlight exposure which can damage the hair follicles on the tissue. Do not's for those trying to achieve healthier hair include chemical perms, excessive sunlight exposure and not showering after exposure to chemicals like chlorine.