The say that hair makes the man, or woman, it is one of the first impressions others have of you. We strive to keep our hair looking its best, and healthy. Pollution, sun, perms, dies, and even the shampoo and water we wash it with, play havoc on our hair health. Healthy hair just looks nicer.

Blow drying can really dry out your hair, making it look damaged and unhealthy. Most important, leave the high heat setting for shrinking plastic on your windows in the winter. The low or medium setting is sufficient to dry and style. Keep the dryer a good 6 to 8 inches away from your hair to avoid over drying frizzes.

Long hair should be trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks to prevent split ends and keep it healthy. Make sure to condition every other day, paying special attention to the ends. The ends of longer hair tend to need extra conditioner to keep it from drying out.

Hair is weaker when wet, another thing to keep in mind is to not comb or brush too much while it is wet. Every hair type, dry, oily, straight or curly, there are healthy hair care products to keep them all looking great.

Styling using a flat iron or curling iron also creates damage, and can potentially burn your hair. Use caution to not over heat. Burnt hair smells bad and it does not look healthy at all.

Too many harsh products damage hair. Avoid using them, but if you must spray for the style to stay, use sparingly and always read the ingredients. Try to avoid petrochemicals, pthalates, ureas, sulfates, parabens, and Ethanol alcohol. All of these will damage healthy hair.

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