Do you ever wish you could have hair like the models in shampoo commercials? While chances are you can't afford a personal stylist who takes care of your hair every day, there are several steps you can take to ensure that your hair is as healthy and shiny as possible. Taking the right vitamins is just one of them. 

Omega-3 fatty acids are perhaps the most important vitamin for building strong hair. Pretty much everything you could possibly want your hair to do can be done with this substance that is found in most kinds of fish and many types of nuts. Omega-3 fatty acids make hair strong and shiny, promote growth and increase the overall health of your hair. 

Vitamin D is another important factor in getting healthy hair. It makes hair stronger and prevents breakage, which helps encourage your hair to grow faster and longer than ever before and to look great once it gets there. Vitamin D is found in dark green vegetables and beans. 

Protein is the final component of healthy hair. It helps your body produce new hairs to replace the ones that fall out every day, ensuring that your hair is always thick and full. Protein is found in lots of foods, including meat, cheeses and eggs. 

Getting great-looking hair can be as simple as changing your diet or taking a supplement. You might be amazed by what a difference a dose of vitamins can make in the overall appearance of your hair. Don't forget that essential vitamins are important for your overall health too, so don't start skimping on them just because you like the look of your hair.