As of August 20, 2013 our free gift offer has ended however on occasion when available, you may still find a free item in your purchase. -- Msgroaut

At Gro-aut Solutions, we offer superb hair growth products consisting of natural herbs and oils to ensure the health and beauty of hair. Our product line includes hair growth oils, shampoos and conditioners specially formulated to address specific concerns to combat hair loss and to promote ultimate healthy hair growth in shorter spaces of time. 

 Gro-aut Hair Care Products is not hair type specific meaning it is great for all hair types and textures whether color treated, relaxed, or natural and has been effectively used by consumers to treat alopecia (hair loss), fill bald spots or grow hair back due to hair loss from cancer treatments, lupus, psoriasis, male pattern baldness, hair damage from environmental stresses or improper care, over processed hair, used to simply grow longer hair as a personal preference, and has even worked on eyebrows just to name a few. 

 So with our 5 star REVIEWS to compel your interest, What could be better than actually receiving the expected results from a hair care product? An added bonus of free stuff of course. Meet the minimum purchase amount and receive a free gift with your purchase while supplies last!


Renae Stubblefield

Date 6/30/2013

I just started my journey to healthy hair by recently purchasing the Gro-aut Regime Kit. Do I qualify to receive the free gift? I'm excited and looking forward to wonderful results! God Bless!

DaCarla Howard

Date 7/4/2013

I purchase the Grow Aut Oil last year in 2012 when she had the old website.. I notice an slight change in growth but I didn't use it like I should have. I just ordered the Hair Grow regime kit. Im super excite about this. I have know been natural for 4 years and my growth process has not been the greatest the least to say....

Carol B

Date 7/4/2013

I am a faithful user of groaut pproducts. Todaya my purchase id over $25, do I get a free gift?

Gro-aut Administrator

Date 7/9/2013

Carol B, yes if your product purchase (excluding shipping) is $25 or more than you will receive a free gift. Renae, unfortunately you ordered a week prior to our free gift promotion and your order shipped at least a week before this promotion began. We are not sending out gifts for orders that already shipped prior to this promotion beginning but I am sure there will be some other great things Gro-aut has to offer when you are ready for your next order. Thank you for choosing Gro-aut.


Date 7/12/2013

I made 3 orders today, one for myself, sister and mother... I paid separately as they were going to 3 different addresses... Can I get the free gift too?

Wendy Wiseman

Date 7/15/2013

Wondering if you do free samples, as I would like to try it before I buy it.

Gro-aut Administrator

Date 7/17/2013

Rachel, had I been aware prior to your order being shipped, then I could have notified Andy who primarily handles shipping to include a gift with your order. The quickest way to reach myself, the store owner, whom is the only one that can approve such a request is by using the contact form. Commenting on one of our blogs is the absolute worst way because they are not monitored regularly and any request on a blog could go weeks before being noticed. Wendy, yes samples are available when in stock. Use the link in the left category column 'Samples'. Thank you for choosing Gro-aut.

Linda O.

Date 8/4/2013

shipping is great great. I didn't recieve any free sample as promised last time so I was a bit disappointed. Someone stole my shampoo and conditioner so here I am buying another one. I haven't been able to really use my products yet so far due to my extensions but I will in about 2 weeks so I am excited about that.

Auntrynette Brooks

Date 10/5/2013

I am on a tight budget since the government shutdown and living with my mother to help with bills, mortgage, utilities and the like. I recently placed an order for a free sample of the hair butter... could I get a sample of the gro aut oil too? I am anxious to see the my hair growing longer with this special oil... Thanks for your generosity Ms. Brooks


Date 10/30/2014


Date 10/30/2014

I want 1st sample send me

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