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Coupon FAQ

How do I use a coupon?

Enter a valid coupon code in the box where it says "Apply coupon" located on our shopping cart page and click on the "APPLY" button before checkout to save.

What does the coupon discount apply to?

It varies. Some coupons are unique to specific items and some will apply to all products. ONLY one coupon code or promotion usage is allowed per order so choose the coupon with the best savings! Scroll down to learn how to remove a coupon from your order to take advantage of a different discount. We reserve the right to refuse an order due to misuse of coupons.

Does coupon discounts apply to the amount with shipping?

No, discounts only apply to the subtotal (amount before shipping)

The coupon code does not work. Why?

The coupon code could be expired or it is possible that it has exceeded the maximum amount of uses per customer. Some coupons are limited to 1 use per customer. In addition, some coupons can not be combined with other offers and therefore may void out another offer when applied. Some coupon codes do not work with 3rd party checkout systems, i.e. Amazon Checkout or Ebay. Coupons may expire at any time without notice.

How can I remove a coupon or a promotional offer from my shopping cart?

Coupons discounts that require manual entry of a code can be removed. To remove a coupon from your cart, simply click the remove button located beside the promotion on the 'view cart' page. Automatic promotions that do not require a code entry are automatically triggered and can not be removed but can be voided out when a manual coupon code is entered.

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