How to Grow Long Hair Tip No. 2
How to Grow Long Hair Tip No. 2 

Wash your hair often BUT not too often. A minimum of once a week and no more than twice a week is recommended. For those who have naturally oily hair, you may need to wash more often but don't over do it. 

Why this tip? Maintaining a clean scalp is key to growing your hair. Washing your hair removes any buildup on the scalp that has accumulated since the last wash. Build up on the scalp can block the hair follicle causing the hair to not be able to grow out with ease. If this blockage occurs due to build up, we experience unnecessary shedding. Some shedding is normal due to phases of the hair growth cycle but if you want your hair to grow long, you must keep a clean scalp to prevent unnecessary shedding. 

It is also important to not wash your hair too often. Washing your hair too often will strip the hair of its natural oils and as a result of over manipulation it can lead to split ends, thinning hair, and again unnecessary breakage so if you want your hair to grow long be sure to maintain a clean scalp by washing your hair at least once a week or more often based on your individual hair care need but remember to not over do it. 

Check back soon for our next tip on how to grow hair long and healthy 

Happy Growing!



Date 9/29/2015

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