How to Grow Long Hair Tip No. 3 

Reduce damage from styling. Avoid excessive heat from blow drying or flat ironing your hair. 

Why this tip? Excessive heat to the hair contributes to split ends, frizz and breakage. Heat damages the hair by stripping the strands making them thin, dry, and brittle which in turn leads to split ends and breakage. If you must straighten or curl your hair, using a more gentle method like hair wrapping or rollers is a great alternative. In addition, air drying your hair or drying your hair with a dryer on the lowest heat setting or cool setting works just as well. Yes, it may take more time to achieve the look you want but the overall health and beauty of your hair will reflect upon it, you will notice it and so will others. 

And Second, the key word is "Reduce". We say reduce styling damage because saying reducing rather then trying to eliminate completely is a more attainable approach. Just like dieting, most people do not stick to it because it is simply not part of their normal day to day lifestyle but like dieting, if you simply start incorporating better foods choices gradually into your daily diet, then more than likely, you will stick to it and see significant progress. This same approach is also great for growing longer healthier hair, focusing on a more attainable goal is always best and of course more probable so to achieve a long healthy hair goal, start your focus on practice habits that will keep your hair healthy. 

Check back soon for our next tip on how to grow hair long and healthy.

Happy Growing!